Amidst #NTR Criticism, Balayya Winning Hearts!

Amidst #NTR Criticism, Balayya Winning Hearts!

Of course, the result of #NTR Biopics has surely worried many and Nandamuri Balakrishna feeling sad about it would be natural. But amidst this crisis, the talented senior hero is winning hearts. This is what social media is buzzing now.

Apparently, the presence of Balayya with a slightly non-energetic face at '118' pre-release event led to many satires that he is quite upset. Some even went on calling if that is Kalyan Ram's pre-release event or Balayya's Mahanayakudu failure event. But what makes Balayya win hearts in these tough times with many cooing and booing him for flop show of NTR biopic?

The whole of the Nandamuri family knows the result of the film, and still, Balayya has given a word to Kalyan Ram that he will attend 118 pre-release event. As Kalyan Ram worked in the biopic as well, playing the role of Hari Krishna only out of love and taking no remuneration, Balayya wants to give it back to his brother's son. And without caring about the pain he is in, he turned up at the event, and that is what makes the audience love him more.

Well, the failure of a film will have many reasons, but one shouldn't fail as a person.

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