Which Film Will Fill The Losses Of #NTR Biopic?

Which Film Will Fill The Losses Of #NTR Biopic?

Okay, when NTR Kathanayakudu did the loss, they stated that Mahanayakudu will fill the purses. Now that Mahanayakudu has become a bigger loss venture than its predecessors, what are Nandamuri Balakrishna and his team of producers going to do regarding the losses?

At the time of Mahanayakudu release, all the distributors who lost big with the first part are given the chance to release the second part as well, such that they would recover their losse. But with this part becoming a bigger disaster, their losses are standing in the same position. As Balayya didn't charge a penny for the second part, there is no additional loss, but still, the first part's loss is bigger.

The moot question is, what would Balayya, Sai Korrapati, and Vishnu Induri now do to fill these losses? Will they produce another movie and give it for free? Or will they settle the things once for all by returning some money to grieving distributors?  For now, we hear that Balayya has asked Sai Korrapati to do a film for the distributors of #NTR Biopic.

Let's wait for any official statement over this rather speculating a lot.

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