I Dedicate Lakshmi's NTR To Balayya - RGV

I Dedicate Lakshmi's NTR To Balayya - RGV

Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has made a big announcement today. RGV announced that he is dedicating Lakshmi's NTR to Nandamuri Balakrishna. RGV said it was Balakrishna who had inspired him to make a film on legendary NTR. "Only after I met Balakrishna, the thought to make a film on NTR came to me. So, I sincerely dedicate this film to Balakrishna, "RGV said during the launch of his production banner RGV Gun Shot Pictures. RGV said it is very very special film for him in his career. RGV also clarified that he hadn't made Lakshmi's NTR with any ego. He said he made the film as he wants to tell the facts.

RGV said he had no idea when NTR was dethroned and when the coup against NTR took place in 1995 as he couldn't follow the political happenings in the state as he was busy making Rangeela in Bollywood back then. 

RGV said he has interacted with several people who are aware of the facts and said he has tried his best to showcase the facts. He stressed that his sources are neutral and fair and thus, he stressed that the film would be close to reality. However, RGV admitted that he can't do full justice as he has several limitations as a filmmaker and said it is not possible to showcase all the incidents that took place then. He said he can only show important aspects in the life of NTR in Lakshmi's NTR in 2.30 hours-odd film. RGV also made it clear that he has no political agenda behind making the film.

By announcing that he is dedicating Lakshmi's NTR to Balakrishna, RGV has kicked up a major storm. One has to wait and see, how Balayya and his fans, followers would react to RGV's statement. 

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