RRR Gets Terrific Budget For Sound

RRR Gets Terrific Budget For Sound

The importance of sound is something directors like Ram Gopal Varma have taught us big time. Without showing bloodshed or huge visual effects, he manages to get a spine chilling coldblooded killing effect with sound. And then, we have other directors mastering that art.

When it comes to a big film like Baahubali, even Rajamouli took extreme care of the sound including Keeravani's background score and folio. He got a sound engineer from Hungary to record folio for the film, while Keeravani and his brother Kalyani Malik took extreme care of the sound mixing. And the numero uno director is going to do the same with #RRR too.

Reports are coming that almost 4 crores budget got allotted for the whole of music production and this includes complete sound design as well. While Keeravani is sitting at Aluminium Factory to compose songs, some other technicians are actually collecting reference sounds for various scenes, they say.

Looks like #RRR will be no less that Baahubali when it comes to giving the true taste of a cinematic experience.

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