Big Piracy TV Racket Unleashed & Busted for illegal streaming

Boss IPTV has been exposed for its illegal streaming of India’s TV Premium Content after a complaint being lodged at the Cyber Crime Police station at Faridabad by YuppTV, a South Asian OTT service.

The complaint states that a company named Rhysley Pvt. Ltd known for face masks and PPE Kits manufacturing is illegally stealing content from various Indian and international channels and selling it to the audience at low prices.

Many people involved in this illegal racket have been arrested by Faridabad Police. It is reported that more than 400 channel content has been steeled by Boss IPTV. Boss IPTV is a part of a group of pirate services like VIOS.BIZ, Guru IPTV, Punjab IPTV, Indian IPTV, Tashan, Boss Entertainment.BIZ, Brampton IPTV. These companies are stealing premium content by intercepting Indian & International Broadcast signals. The companies are reported to be using the same IP addresses, chat providers, host providers.

The complaint at Faridabad Police station on this Piracy Racket has been lodged by one of the largest Online TV Platforms, YuppTV. Based on the complaint filed by the company, Faridabad police conducted raids and found the email communications related to sales, set-top boxes, ground floor office, cellar office and ceased them.

Based on the evidence, the Police have arrested 6 people including the business partner of the company. These people are identified as Sumit Sharma, Harminder Singh Sandhu, Ganesh Nair, Anil Kumar Pal, Virender Kumar, Debovrat Rai. As of now, Court has dismissed the bail applied by these 6 pirates. Further investigation has been done and police found that vendors like CDN provider,, and many others are involved in this illegal piracy. Faridabad police are firm enough to bring out all the companies involved and are working to wipe out this piracy racket.

The Piracy TV Racket companies occupy almost 80% of the market share by selling national and international channel content at very low prices. The customers are drawn to them due to this very reason, but most people are unaware of the fact that using illegal services like these might make the customers prone to hacking/ loss or misuse of personal data. This service might collect all the personal data of the user without their knowledge keeping the users and subscribers at grave risk.

As 80% of the market share is driven by these companies, legal broadcasters, Online TV content providers, who have legal licenses and rights are suffering major losses.

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