Two Remakes Trouble Two Upcoming Heroes

Two Remakes Trouble Two Upcoming Heroes

For reasons unknown, sometimes highly anticipated lose their sheen as their release date gets postponed multiple times. And if that happens with popular heroes who enjoy good craze, it will be quite surprising. That's what happening with Nikhil and Allu Sirish now.

In a bid to score big hit after tasting couple of flops, hero Nikhil took up the remake of Tamil blockbuster Kanithan, which was supposed to release in March 1st week itself. After getting rechristened as "Arjun Suravaram" from "Mantra", this film later locked March 29th as the date. But that is also not happening we have to say. Rumors have that the film got postponed indefinitely.

Then we have mega camp hero Allu Sirish who is trying to prove his mettle from time but failing to score. He is now coming up with Malayalam super hit ABCD remake with the same name, but the film got postponed a couple of times. Even after having proven content in hand, one wonders why these two heroes are failing to come on dates.

All said and done, they are wasting a good Summer period as March would have been quite ideal for them. From April to May, we have biggies lined up and things like IPL are likely to create some disruption in box office collections too.

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