Hero Gifts Car To Anchor, Director Upset

Hero Gifts Car To Anchor, Director Upset

He happens to be a senior hero in Telugu industry who has already neared his expiry date. But then, he never ceases any opportunity to amaze the ladies around him and even while he's sulking in a flop he loves to hang around with hotties.

From a time, there is this rumor about this anchor who is said to be dating a director who comes from Godavari district. And as these rumors are doing rounds, the anchor is said to be double-timing as she is seen spending cozy time with the senior hero as well. And here comes the latest food for gossip lovers.

Recently this anchor started using a posh car and many insiders felt that she would have bought that with her own money. But it is being spread that she got that car as a gift from the hero, and that is upsetting the director a lot. For the now, the anchor is said to be thinking that the hero is important than the director.

Anyway, both this hero and director are respectfully married and have children, but none understands why these 'kakkoorthy' acts!

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