Special Show Did The Bad For Lakshmi's NTR

Special Show Did The Bad For Lakshmi's NTR

If there is any shocker, then the High Court would have given it pretty well in advance. But how come Lakshmi's NTR got the release shocker just a day before the release date? Some say that there is insider work regarding this.

Apparently, a covert who has watched the special show of Lakshmi's NTR on Wednesday night is said to have leaked the contents of the film, which are quite disturbing. The maverick director is said to have come up with some creative scenes where he insulted Chandrababu Naidu big time. Especially showing Naidu as the great conspirator due to which NTR died is the theme of the movie.

And by just showing a disclaimer that the film is not intended to defame any, neither to demolish any political party, how could Varma come up with such creative scenes that could malign the image of ruling Chief Minister, is what hurt some of the people who watched. Because Varma is not a close person to NTR neither he has seen them anything with his eyes.

With their inputs, we hear that some folks have moved the High Court again, asking the Court to take a decision. The good thing, even Court is not stalling the release, but they are asking RGV to release the film after the elections. If Varma and his producer's intention is not to affect the election results and showcase some truth to the audiences, they could do it after the election too. Isn't it?

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