TV Serials & Web Series From Mega Lady

TV Serials & Web Series From Mega Lady

Choosing the right script is the need of the hour because the family image will not keep any actor going on for years these days. And here comes an interesting talk about Mega daughter Niharika Konidela now.

There was a huge buzz surrounding Niharika's debut film Oka Manasu back then, but the film looked like a sloppy TV serial. And then she took the time to take up Happy Wedding, but even this film also ended up as a TV serial only. There comes the mega lady with Suryakantham movie, whose reviews are not so positive.

This time, the film's content looked like more of a web series with cheeky lines and forcibly urbanish comedy. One wonders why Niharika is not picking film stories rather coming up with these TV serials and web series ideas for the silver screen. Many say that she should approach top directors to set her career up.

Lack of proper directors is affecting Niharika big time because all the youngsters that are being encouraged by her are not doing justice to the roles she is playing. Also, that will slow down her career too.

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