Affair With This Hero Turns Bad For Heroines

Affair With This Hero Turns Bad For Heroines

This particular hero always claims that he is single and ready to mingle, but industry talk is that he always mingles with someone and never stays single. And the sentiment is that, whoever mingles with this guy get lost.

Early in his career, he was with a dusky siren and she is a powerhouse performer with loads of talent. But that didn't work out for her as many felt that casting her would invite unwanted pressures from this hero. And then, she's out of the industry without any trace.

Later another heroine's name popped up big time, but she too didn't make it to the top. They say that having an affair with this guy is the unfortunate thing they will do. However, a talented cute girl from a neighborhood tinsel town has also fallen flat for this guy. And now, the situation looks like she too has to pack bags.

While the 'sentiment' of mingling with this hero is being seen as a big thing, the other side is that all those heroines have failed to identify right subjects and that led them to their own failure.

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