'Geetha Chalo' Cashing On Rashmika's Craze

'Geetha Chalo' Cashing On Rashmika's Craze

Chalo is her debut Telugu film and Geetha Govindam is her blockbuster Telugu movie. How about the title 'Geetha Chalo' for her next now? That's what the producers of Kannada hottie Rashmika Mandana's upcoming film are thinking now. Here goes an interesting snippet.

When a hero or heroine from other state goes successful in Telugu film industry, then our producers have this habit of bringing their past films with crazy titles. And now, a 2017 Kannada film of Rashmika and hero Ganesh is being dubbed into Telugu with the title 'Geetha Chalo'.

While the original film is titled "#Chamak" and has Kush and Kushi as the names of hero and heroine, one wonders what are the Telugu version makers now coming up with. Surely heroine's name will be Geetha, isn't it?

And then, the film solely banks on Rashmika's craze here, but will she comes forward to promote the movie is the biggest question. Not many times dubbed films see the original heroines coming and promoting.

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