Tollywood's Underdogs Is On Their Way

Tollywood's Underdogs Is On Their Way

Underdogs and losers are the latest themes of Tollywood as our heroes are getting ready to cry more and more on the silver screen. We have seen Naga Chaitanya in Majili, Sai Dharam Tej in Chitralahari and will see Nani in Jersey, doing the same.

With both Majili and Chitralahari getting welcomed by the audiences even though they got 50:50 marks from critics, now Nani's Jersey is likely to get a rousing reception for sure. We hear that even the big stars are also likely to follow this theme in their upcoming ventures.

While Mahesh's Maharshi has a similar episode of feeling like a loser for a couple of minutes, even Allu Arjun's next with Trivikram is also said to have a similar underdog episode. Though our stars have earlier done such stuff many times, now it is coming them like rain.

On the flip side, these stories should get more of realistic touch such that audiences will also enjoy a new style of filmmaking and storytelling.

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