When Samantha Shouts On Her Husband!

When Samantha Shouts On Her Husband!

It's difficult to understand the creative urge of few determined people like Samantha Ruth Prabhu who has built her career from scratch and today became that sort after superstar. And with Majili, she scored a beautiful blockbuster after a long time.

Interacting with an English daily recently, Samantha shared that she's equally worried about Chaitanya's performance in the movie like how she keeps a tab on her performance. "I'm sitting at the monitor even while Chay is doing his scenes and used to shout on him if he didn't perform a scene well. But I'll be the one to get over excited when he delivers stupendous performance. Because we have to deliver no less than a blockbuster with Majili, I've taken this stress", said Samantha.

Well, if this caring is limited to just well being of the film then it's fine, but if it happens like meddling with the jobs of directors and cinematographers, then Samantha will become another Jeevitha in the film industry. In recent times, many directors of Rajasekhar ran away from the projects in the middle and Jeevitha used to finish them.

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