Will Avengers 'End' the 'Game' Of Our Three Films?

Will Avengers 'End' the 'Game' Of Our Three Films?

Other day with the premieres of 'Avengers End Game' confirming that the film is a terrific treat for the fans of Marvel Comic universe fans, everyone is waiting with bated breath to see what impact the film will have on Telugu box office.

Actually, when Majili got released, Telugu theatres were empty and waiting for the right films to happen. That helped Majili, followed by Chitralahari as well. And with the arrival of Jersey, the situation turned a bit tight. And now that Avengers is coming, there will be a choking situation for all these movies.

Buzz has that if Avengers entertains, all the Telugu films will fall in trouble as children might make their families run to theatres of this movie owing to the fact that they want their Summer holidays to get more excited.

We have to see this weekend to find out what will be going on exactly at the Telugu box office anyway.

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