RGV's 'On Road' Press Meet Hungama In Vijayawada

RGV's 'On Road' Press Meet Hungama In Vijayawada

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma's films are deliberately provocative, either to express a political point or in a self-indulgent manner. His latest film, Lakshmi's NTR, a biopic on the legendary actor-turned-politician NTR, is creating huge waves of controversies. The director is also grabbing attention with his long chain of unusual tweets.

Except for Andhra, Lakshmi's NTR was released on March 29, worldwide. Two days ago, the film has got a green signal from the court for its release on May 1 in Andhra post the first phase of the ongoing LS polls. The latest news is that RGV has tweeted claiming NTR's real and nightmarish struggle to be shown in his film. He also slammed those who are trying to stop the promotions and the release in AP.

He tweeted that Lakshmi's NTR's press meet will be held in Vijayawada at Novotel hotel. He also claimed that a bunch of anonymous tried to threaten the hotel staff and the management had to cancel the event out of fear. In spite of trying at many other hotels, pub, and halls, there is of no use. He said someone in power is trying to stop his promotions, implying towards Chandrababu. Therefore, he decided to organize a press meet on the streets of NTR circle in Vijayawada at 4 PM today.

He invited ardent NTR fans, his supporters, Media persons and good samaritans to come and grace the event. He also released a picture of Andhra CM Chandrababu, calling him the real murderer of NTR.

It is a known fact that people have already watched the film and netizens showed the least interest in watching it now. However, RGV's new way of promotions is once again triggering the whole situation. Speculations are all over that the situation might get out of hand and create a huge ruckus as it is being held in Andhra. In the midst of all these confusion, RGV managed to get a place for his tension-filled press meet in Hotel Illapuram. He tweeted, "Hotels in Vijayawada are being warned not to accommodate #LakshmisNTR team.. First Hotel Novotel has cancelled us and now Hotel Ilapuram. This after they have been paid in advance. The people in power should understand that one can misuse power to delay, but no one can stop the truth."