'I lost 8 kg for Saaho,' says Prabhas

'I lost 8 kg for Saaho,' says Prabhas

With Bahubali series, Prabhas transformed his physique into no less than a Greek God. He underwent strenuous workouts and put on a strict diet regime to get those razor sharp abs and bulky avatar. But, for his upcoming film Saaho, things turned out to be opposite. Prabhas had to lose 8 kg of weight to look leaner for his role in Saaho.

Prabhas said that he gained a lot of weight for Bahubali. However, for Saaho, the director asked him to lose weight to compliment the role. With minimal carbohydrates, the hero was successful in losing eight kilograms of weight in a short span. The actor needs to have the camera-ready body for exceptional action and high-octane fighting scenes in the film.

It took a lot of hard work for Prabhas as he consumed 20 egg whites, half kg chicken, and brown rice for Bahubali. And now, he had to stay on fruits, vegetables and no carb diet chart. Directed by Sujeet, Saaho is said to be getting into record books for having the maximum number of VFX scenes ever filmed. Well, as we all know, Prabhas is one of those devoted actors who work relentlessly in getting the desired body no matter what.

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