Maharshi Trying For Rs 200 Ticket & 5 Shows

Maharshi Trying For Rs 200 Ticket & 5 Shows

These days all the big budgeted films are following this same theme of hiking ticket prices in the first week and also getting permissions to screen more shows in the first weekend. With a lot to recover, even Maharshi is also looking at the same.

Mahesh Babu's upcoming film Maharshi is set for May 9th release and now the makers of the movie have sent request letters to the governments of Telugu states. They are requesting the government to give them permission to hike the ticket to Rs 200 in single screens and also to screen 5-6 shows in some theatres. Will they get permission for this?

While Andhra Pradesh government might favour this request, there are bleak chances for the Telangana government to give a signal to extra shows. Though they are backing ticket hiking, they say that allowing extra shows will create an issue of security.

On the other hand, the premiere shows and benefit shows of Maharshi also haven't yet got permission in Hyderabad.

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