Krish Opts To Direct Bollywood Hero Again

Krish Opts To Direct Bollywood Hero Again

At a time when everyone thought that director Krish will be something big with a big Telugu hero, he has opted for a Bollywood debut. And later he has done films like Kanche and Gautamiputra Satakarni in Telugu, but then again left to Mumbai for Manikarnika. After all those experiences. who would expect him to go to Bollywood again?

After the flop show of NTR biopics in Telugu, many wondered what is Krish's next going to be. Some stated that the will wait for the dates of Ram Charan or Allu Arjun to make his next, but all those heroes have turned super busy. And then, with Manikarnika leaving him in a bitter taste after all the accusations Kangana Ranaut made, none would expect him to handle a Hindi movie in the near future.

Surprisingly, Krish is said to be in talks with Akshay Kumar yet again for the remake of another south Indian hit film. Earlier the two worked on Tagore movie remake 'Gabbar Is Back'. Though that film didn't work well at Box office, it won huge fame for Akshay Kumar. Hence the hero wants Krish back for his new movie. Let's see what happens.

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