USA Premieres: Maharshi Tumbles Big Time

USA Premieres: Maharshi Tumbles Big Time

Much awaited movie of Mahesh Babu, 'Maharshi' is here, celebrating the silver jubilee of the Superstar as a hero. And this 25th film, however, hasn't made an impact in his favourite USA zone, where he usually reaps huge box office benefits.

Maharshi collected a sum of nearly $511K in the USA through premieres on 8 May, which is surprisingly quite low than Mahesh's other big disasters. While he has Spyder collecting 1 Million dollars from US premieres, Brahmotsavam made $560K. Some say that the routine trailer and the trailer's close resemblance to Mahesh's previous films had a bit of negative impact on Maharshi' premieres.

With Maharshi buyers spending a whopping 14 crores (including print and publicity costs) to acquire theatrical rights of the film for US territory, the film has to collect roughly 4 Million Dollars to give the breakeven. Going by these premieres, it's going to be tough for sure.  

On the other hand, Baahubali 2 ($ 2450K), Agnyaathavasi ( $ 1522K), Baahubali 1 ( $1365K) do top the charts when it comes to USA premieres.

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