Allu Arjun Gives Mega Hand To His Brother

Allu Arjun Gives Mega Hand To His Brother

At a time when a movie needs right buzz, definitely, some elders in the family should help. But when it comes to helping his little brother Allu Sirish, it looks like the Stylish Star has taken it in a lighter vein.

On April 15th, Allu Arjun has shared about the trailer of Sirish's today releasing ABCD, but there is not a single word from him to create a buzz about the movie later on. Neither on Twitter nor on Instagram, the pages the actor himself operates, there is no single word about the film. Only his Team AA managed to share the release trailer of ABCD a couple of days ago on the actor's Facebook page.

The point here is not about finding a mistake in Allu Arjun, but actually, ABCD is lacking the needed buzz despite some serious efforts by the producers. That is probably due to Allu Sirish's lack of stardom and maybe his brother should help him get there. Any help from Bunny would get noticed by all media folks and other influencers on social media, and that way Sirish would have got better footfalls on opening day.

Meanwhile, there are those who say that even Sirish should work on his projects quite well that they will get a buzz with the trailer himself like how films like Pellichoopulu and Arjun Reddy got.

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