In Pics: Deepika Spices Up

Flaunting the best of their figures seems to be the motto of our star heroines who are strolling the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival and top siren Deepika Padukone has just taken the French Riveria by a storm.

Supposedly wearing four looks on Day 2 of Cannes, actually Deepika took even foreign photojournalists and celebrity photographers by a storm. Especially she has slipped into this lace dress where romanticism is flowing down every thread of it, the dusky Indian starlet dazzled like an angel from heaven.

Needless to say, her lacy look articulated her stunning curves every bit of it, its tough to handle the oodles of sex appeal she is actually oozing. Surely the lacy affair has made many folks jealous of Ranveer Singh, the hero who married her couple of months ago at a private ceremony.