Will This Telugu Girl Gets Second Break?

Despite the fact that she is a native Telugu speaker and more glamorous than many other heroines out there, somehow Razole beauty Anjali is not able to get the much needed high from Telugu film industry.

Though she acted in numerous films, Anjali is not well-known heroine until the Tamil flick "Journey" succeeded big time in Telugu as well. That gave her the first break. Since then she's part of some hits like Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and Geethanjali, but nothing worked big in her favour. That made her push herself to Kollywood again.

Now that Anjali is coming up with "Lissa 3D" movie, not only she has lost oodles of weight but is looking more refreshing and hot. And the film is a time-tested formulaic ghost movie, which could work if engagement is done well. And in the end, it has to give much needed second break to Anjali in Tollywood.

Some say that had Anjali not be struck with personal issues, she would have become a superstar by now.