Altering Climax Didn't Work For Allu Sirish

Altering Climax Didn't Work For Allu Sirish

Whenever a film from another language is being remade in Telugu, there will be lots of changes done in the script to suit the nativity of the local people. And coming to Megastar Chiru, he always used to change the climaxes of super hit films and they worked for him.

In the original Tagore, Ramana Tamil version, the hero actually shoots himself in the head and dies. But Megastar changed that to a court scene and made a bigger impact than the original by not killing himself on the screen. Cut to mega family hero Allu Sirish now, he too has got climax altered for his latest ABCD, which is the remake of a Malayalam film of the same name.

Rather going for the ending that was there in Malayalam original, which is shocking and also impressive, Sirish brought in a softer version, which hasn't clicked big time. While the Mallu version has a bit of radical touch mixed with suspense and thrill, in Telugu version a simple speech scene finishes the film. While Mallu version has huge impact, Telugu version lost the soul.

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