Rumour: Senior Hero's Secret Punch To Struggling Hero

Rumour: Senior Hero's Secret Punch To Struggling Hero

How many times you have seen powerful mockery on twitter getting immediate attention from legal contenders and government forces? Except for the fact that two girls who have made a mockery of Bal Thackery's death on Facebook getting arrested, never a celebrity will face axe for Rubbishing on Twitter.

Other day, which we have revealed already, hero Vivek Oberoi has shared a picture of a meme, that degrades Aishwarya Rai's image by comparing her past relations and present marriage to opinion polls, exit polls and results. Vivek might have thought about it as fun, but it rubbed many on the wrong side as demeaning a woman is not a joke one laughs at.

And then, the moment this meme came, immediately National Council For Women and Maharashtra State Commission For Women have slapped notices for the actor. Bollywood is buzzing that Megastar Amitabh has used all of his contacts to make sure that Vivek Oberoi will get the right slap on his face.

As his daughter-in-law's prestige is made fun of, many feel that Megastar would have surely used his connections with political biggies to set things up. Whether he has done something or not, surely legal bodies should take care of these derogatory memes.

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