Who Is Kajal's Biggest Villain?

Who Is Kajal's Biggest Villain?

After Andhra Pradesh and Telangana come to know their political office holders for the next five years, on 24th they will be seeing spicy siren Kajal Aggarwal in theatres. Because her film 'Sita' is releasing then. Here comes an interesting snippet on this.

With Telugu audiences getting freed from all the political thoughts, surely 24th is an ideal date for Kajal to make her presence felt. As the film made 12 crores pre-release business, good openings will surely help it. However, none expected that this unseen threat will be standing as a hurdle for Kajal's chances.

On 24th, actually, Disney's Aladdin, which has the voices of Venkatesh as Genie and Varun Tej as Aladdin is getting released. Guess what, the film will be hitting cinemas in 320+ screens across Telugu states, thereby to give a stunning treat to kids and family audiences.

This grand release of Aladdin will be a big threat for sure, as many youths are also waiting to see the 3D version of this movie first. So, could Kajal overcome this unexpected villain and score well? Let's see!

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