All Eyes On The Tale Of Raju & His Master Lady

All Eyes On The Tale Of Raju & His Master Lady

There are many films that come and go, but some love stories always remain classic. The likes of Devadasu, Geethanjali, Sakhi are that kind of films that appeal to audiences at any time. And it looks like at a time when Telugu industry has almost forgotten such love saga, hero Vijay Devarakonda's brother and Jeevitha Rajasehar's daughter are getting to deliver one.

"Dorasani" is an upcoming film that marks the debut of Anand Devarakonda and Sivathmika Rajasekhar, which is being directed by newcomer KVR Mahendra. The film's title design is already out and now the teaser poster is creating more curiosity around it. With the makers revealing that the story is about the tale of Raju and his master lady, the Dorasani, one could understand what is coming.

The rich girl and poor boy stories always a hit, whether it is Titanic or Paathalabhairavi, and that is the reason this poster is appealing a lot. Set in the vintage Telangana backdrop of 'Doralu' and 'Banisatvam' (feudal lords and slavery), the film is carrying certain expectations. We have to see if the two newcomers and their intense love saga will live up to it.

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