150 Crore Cost for Rana's Hiranyakshyapa

150 Crore Cost for Rana's Hiranyakshyapa

After Rudhramadevi (Oct, 2015), Gunasekhar has been extensively working on a mythological film 'Hiranyakashyapa'. Rana Daggubati, who had played Bhallaladeva in Baahubali and Chalukya Veerabhadra in Rudhramadevi, is all set to play the titular role Hiranyakashyapa. It is learnt that Gunasekhar has worked for three-long years on the pre-production of the film.

It is buzzed that the film is going to be the costliest film in Gunasekhar's career. We learnt that Gunasekhar would spend a whopping Rs 150 Crore for Hiranyakashyapa.

Gunasekhar is not new to lavish, high-budegt films,  massive sets. He is likely to follow his similar style for Hiranyakashyapa as well. Buzz is the film will also have extensive Computer Graphics and high-end VFX. Touted to be mythological story of Lord Vishnu's aficionado Prahaladha, Rana will be playing demon king Hiranyakashyapa. However, Gunasekhar is going to focus more on Hiranyakashyapa and his rise, his fall out with Lord Vishnu, his hatred on Vishnu and finally, his fall.

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