Shankar's Contract Taking Tollywood By A Storm

Shankar's Contract Taking Tollywood By A Storm

You might have already got the news that director S Shankar has signed a special budget contract with the producers of Bharateeyudu 2. By this agreement, he cannot go on filming for years, thereby burning producer's deep pockets heavily. With Robo 2.0 going out of budget limits, it looks like they got this one signed.

Now that Shankar has signed such agreement, we hear that many Tollywood producers are actually contemplating to bring that agreement into Telugu industry as well. Films like Nannaku Prematho (Sukumar) and Maharshi (Vamsi Paidipally) have got their budget overshot because of the directors of those films making many unwanted demands every day. Today those films are hits in the eyes of fans, but producers haven't made fancy profits as the cost of making them is huge.

In view of that, some big producers are said to be thinking to make their directors sign a budget agreement, and they want to add a clause that any excessive budget will be charged to director's remuneration.

However in the Telugu industry, probably our star heroes should sign such contract, not the directors if the stories we hear about our heroes are anything to go by. 

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