Rumour: Renu Desai's Marriage Called Off?

Rumour: Renu Desai's Marriage Called Off?

Former heroine Renu Desai was in the news all the time, thanks to the fact that she is an ex-wife of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. However, the actress never wanted that tag and slowly she started building her an image after the divorce. But after claiming that she can't find love again, she got engaged to someone in June last year.

Reports are coming that actually the marriage was called off some time ago. Generally, in Hindu customary, people don't wait for a long period of time after the engagement in order to get married. But here in Renu's case, earlier it was said that auspicious muhurat is not available immediately and hence the delay. But now a rumour has sprouted that the marriage is not happening.

While the authenticity of this rumour could not be verified, they say that Renu's latest Instagram posts above love and enjoying the life with what we have is actually creating doubts that her engagement got broken. We have to see what the actress will say or simply she will blast media for spreading fake news.

Her latest post on life goes like this anyway:

In your bleakest and saddest moments, sit quietly and sincerely count all your blessings. You will realise that gratitude has the quality of a rainbow.
It will make you smile even in the darkness like a beacon of hope and faith.
Your smile will have myriad shades of a beautiful rainbow in a monochromatic situation.
Have loads and loads of gratitude for what you have rather than feel sad for what you don't have or rather can't have.