Young Hero Lost Mind Over Flop Show Of Film

Young Hero Lost Mind Over Flop Show Of Film

"Falaknuma Das" is the latest Telugu film, which happens to be a remake of super hit Malayalam movie Angamaly Diaries. The film features Viswak Sen of Vellipomake and Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindi fame in the lead, and also he has directed-produced this movie.

For the kind of lag the movie has, even audiences got bored in the second hour and the film got declared a dud. However, the young hero is not able to take up this failure and trying to showcase his attitude big time. First, he came with a strong Instagram post where he posted, 'D###the Box Office Shape out avtundi', mimicking a dialogue from the film.

And then, he's sharing videos of innocent public, making fun of them. He shared a video of a youngster who asked, "Falaknuma Das ani title petti, cinema lo Falaknuma palace choopinchaledu enti?". Another director, Tarun Bhaskar, who made acting debut through this film, joined the mocking party, as he added, 'Veediki Lassi Taaginchale'.

Rather taking the verdict given by audiences as a lesson, one wonders why the hero going mad at them by making fun of them. Some say that he lost mind, while few feel that he's using the 'mockery' to bring some attention to the film.

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