Why Those Five Heroines Not Promoting The Film?

Why Those Five Heroines Not Promoting The Film?

One of the upcoming films that caught the attention of movie lovers for the number of heroines it has and the lip kisses they have done with the lead guy is none other than '7'. Directed by cinematographer Nizar Shafi, the film has Havish as a hero and half a dozen heroines including Regina Cassandra, Tridha Choudhury, Anisha Ambrose, Nandita Swetha, Aditi Arya and Poojitha Ponnada.

Reportedly Telugu actress Poojitha Ponnada has so far promoted this film and more than the hero, her Rangasthalam cameo got good buzz for her. Then, former Miss India Aditi Arya, who sounds like the real lead girl of the movie, is absent from promotions. Except sharing the news on social media, even Regina, Tridha, Anisha and Nandita Swetha also didn't join the promotions.

One wonders why talented heroines like Regina or glamour diva like Aditi are not promoting the movie. Some say that the producer finds it really expensive to bring all those girls to Hyderabad in business class flights and arrange their stay at five star hotels, and hence those ladies are absent. 'Seven' is hitting cinemas on June 6th.

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