iSmart Shankar Script Leak: Instagram User Booked

iSmart Shankar Script Leak: Instagram User Booked

From the last two days, there is a file doing rounds on social media which happens to be the full dialogue version script of upcoming film iSmart Shankar. And then, Puri Jagan's representatives accused that one admin of an Instagram page has uploaded the script and demanded money to remove it from social media.

Reportedly, one Murali Krishna, an admin of a film updates page on Instagram is said to have posted the images containing the script of iSmartShankar on his page. When Puri Connects team approached him to remove it, he's said to have demanded money else threatened them with a warning that he will put that everywhere on the net. Owing to his, Puri's team launched a complaint with Cyber Crime police now.

While that is the version of Puri's team, the admin revealed to a leading daily that he hasn't made any such demands. "Actually I've found that script on a website, and only downloaded from it, and uploaded it to Instagram. But when Puri Connects people contacted me, I've removed it" he said. Also, he feigned ignorance about the complaint lodged against him.

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