Action Hero's Spy Thriller Is Titled Chanakya

Action Hero's Spy Thriller Is Titled Chanakya

After proving that he has come back into the hit-stream again, action hero Gopichand scored a hit in the form of Loukyam in 2014. But the luck didn't favour him much as he's struggling to score another hit since then.

After Loukyam, Gopi has come up with movies like Jil, Soukhyam, Gowtham Nanda, Oxygen and Pantham, but none of those films worked at the box office. And now, he's coming up with a spy thriller that is being directed by Tamil filmmaker Thiru Subramanyam. Rumoured to be a remake of Salman Khan's Ek Tha Tiger, the film has Mehreen and Zarine Khan playing the lead roles.

Reports are coming that Gopi isn't going for the 'sunna' sentiment as he has earlier titled his films with titles like Lakshyam, Souryam, Sankham, Loukyam, Soukyam and Pantham owing to the initial success he got (as a villain) with movies like Jayam and Varsham. This time he's said to have picked the title 'Chanakya' for his movie, as his character behaves like a Chanakya in the movie.

The makers are getting ready to release the First Look in coming few days.

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