Doing Romantic Song With Him Is The Worst -Samantha

Doing Romantic Song With Him Is The Worst -Samantha

It's rare that queen bee Samantha talks about her co-stars quite openly because she always maintains a sort of diplomacy. And now it appears like the 'Oh Baby' star is making a sort of strong statement on hero Naga Shourya who is trying to establish himself as a star.

Talking about a romantic song composed by Mickey J Meyer, which goes by the lyric Naalo Maimarupu, Samantha says, "The idea of doing a romantic song with Naga Shourya is the worst thing. He's so shy that we can't produce chemistry as leading actor and actress". But how did they managed to film this romantic song then?

Director Nandini Reddy chips in, "Actually Samantha came up with a brilliant plan. Both Shourya and her are huge lovers of dogs and they own a couple of such dogs. She started talking about dogs and if we look at them from a long shot, the chemistry appeared to be fantastic".

One has to work quite hard, smart and in the best possible way to get a cinematic output. That's what these revelations prove, isn't it?

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