Pic Talk: Mokshagna Makes The Rumours True

There is hearsay all these days that Nandamuri Balakrishna's son Mokshagna is not getting ready to get launched any sooner as a hero. It has that he is not turning fit in terms of his physical appearance. And now, the young one proved it.

Other day when Mokshagna was leaving in a car in Jubilee Hills area, someone clicked him from a pretty close distance. While he looks charming and handsome, surely he has to lose oodles of weight to create a right appeal. Only then he will be able to please his father's mass fans.

Another rumour is that Mokshagna is not at all interested in making his film debut and he wants to get into the business. Unlike the way rumours about his physical appearance came true, fans are hoping that his 'no acting debut' will end up just as a rumour only.