Will Prabhas & Chiru Bring YS Jagan's Craze Down?

Will Prabhas & Chiru Bring YS Jagan's Craze Down?

The moment YS Jagan's swearing ceremony speech is out, it clocked millions of views on the video streaming sites. Then he starts sipping water from Rs 20 worth bottle and the pictures goes viral. Even his first cabinet meeting pictures and his foot-touching gestures with PM Modi have all gone viral. That's the craze of AP's new Chief Minister we have to say.

Currently, Jagan is enjoying such a craze on social media that even the biggest stars of film fraternity are not getting any such attention. But every crazy thing trends only for a short while and many observers are wondering who is gonna break Jagan's social media show. Naturally, some other big incident or happening film will pull the craze towards it, making all the previous ones go silent.

Right now we could say that Prabhas' Saaho is one upcoming film that could grab all the attention from everything. With him being a Baahubali star and the film aiming at a pan India release, surely by August, the hype on social media will be revolving around him. And then, by October, we have Megastar Chiru's magnum opus Sye Raa coming up so that historical epic movie might become the next big thing on social media.

So we have to see if PRabhas and Chiru will be able to bring Jagan's craze down in the next few months, or if Jagan will dominate even then.

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