Teaser Talk: Saaho, Kick-Ass Action Bonanza

From beath thick and hard goons in a desert to dealing with the military, from chasing trucks and cars on a highway to handling hand guns to big weapons, it looks like "Saaho" is a Hollywood film getting dubbed in Telugu. And the teaser is mind blowing we have to say.

Much awaited teaser of Saaho is here, and it is going to give a Hollywood like feel of watching a Fast and the Furious, or Mission-Impossible like films. Prabhas has killed with this suave looks in one frame and bulk looks in another sequence. Especially his action stunts combined with unparalleled visual effects has just stunned everyone by giving a jaw-dropping experience.

Definitely, we have to appreciate the commendable work of Sujith, who is just one film old (directed Run Raja Run earlier). Saaho is going to be quite bigger and if a bit drama connects all these action sequences together perfectly, then the film is going to become another Baahubali of sorts, coming from the Telugu industry.

And then, the cinematography of Madhie is top notch, coupled with Ghibran's terrific background score that gave a stunning outlook to the whole film. Produced by UV Creations and T Series together, Saaho is like like a winner this Independence Day as the film sets eyes of August 15th release.