Kajal Agarwal's Sita Is Not A Flop Film!

Kajal Agarwal's Sita Is Not A Flop Film!

One of the most hyped films that met a disastrous fate at the box office in recent times is none other than director Teja's 'Sita' that featured Kajal Aggarwal in the leading role. For the kind of horrible second half Teja made, the film didn't last in theatres even for a week.

Going by the reviews and also the public talk, one could easily guess that Sita is a super flop and there are no surprises in guessing that. But director Teja has revealed that the film has nearly made them 10 crores profits. Speaking with a media house she shared that he made only a profitable film, though media calls Sita a flop flick.

Due to the action content and Kajal factor, clubbed with the mass image of Bellamkonda Srinivas, the film's YouTube and Hindi satellite rights, along with Amazon Prime streaming rights are said to have got sold for 12 crores. Then the film's Telugu theatrical rights are sold for 12 crores nearly, while satellite rights would have easily fetched them a couple of crores more.

With the film making 24-26 crores from business, and the film shot with a budget of 15 crores, surely the makers got profits anywhere between 10-15 crores even if we remove the interests they paid over the finance.

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