Handsome Hero And Senior Actress Broke Up

Handsome Hero And Senior Actress Broke Up

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Make-ups and breakups happen just like that in Tollywood and here is another breakup that hasn't devastated any, but became the news of sorts owing to the persons involved in it. Here is the snippet.

She happens to be an almost senior citizen who comes from a big family and runs the show all the time. And he is a handsome chap who proved his mettle in films with his own talents. Apparently, the two are living together from some time and their impending marriage became a discussion of sorts from a long time. But it looks like things are not working after years of courtship.

Currently, the two have got split and the young hero is said to have moved to his parent's house, while the actress lives in her own palatial residence. The two are not on talking terms and also avoiding eye contact with each other at a post-production facility where they were supposed to meet each other daily.

Well, some stories will not have happy endings, but only commas.