Too Heavy Responsibility On Samantha's Shoulders

Too Heavy Responsibility On Samantha's Shoulders

Within the next couple of days, we will be seeing Samantha's next big film Oh Baby up and running in theatres. And this film is going to decide if Samantha gets that superstardom as a big heroine who could run the film all through herself or not. But before that, a big responsibility that is tad bit heavy is kept on her shoulders.

Other day hero Naga Shourya got injured during the shooting of his next film and that might make him unavailable for the promotions of 'Oh Baby'. That leaves only Samantha as the key promoter of the film apart from Nandini Reddy and Suresh Babu. With total promotions resting on just Samantha's shoulders, interviews might miss that fun as always the presence of hero-heroine does magic.

Already Samantha is promoting the film pretty aggressively on her social media pages while the songs released so far also evoked a good response. And now, if she could go to TV studios and colleges to promote the film more, surely the outcome will be good. We have to see how she pulls it off.

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