Buzz: Prabhas Chose Right Film After Baahubali

Buzz: Prabhas Chose Right Film After Baahubali

Many wondered that Prabhas has made a mistake by increasing the budget of Saaho, a film that is coming right after his superior hit Baahubali. What anyone has seen is that Prabhas got his friends, Vamsi and Pramod, investing so much into the film plying on the success of Baahubali. But that's not true we have to say.

After seeing Prabhas in such epic bonanza, surely audiences would be expecting something that is larger than life from him. Going by those demands, he might have decided to play to the galleries rather sticking to format movies and coming up with an 80-90 crores masala Telugu movie. Had he done that, he would have remained another ordinary hero.

Also by making Saaho a universally appealing subject, Prabhas will have the advantage of scoring hit in many states. Usually, Hollywood films follow this pattern and that way Prabhas also made his director Sujeeth give him an appealing film for a larger section of audiences if the teaser is anything to go by.

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