Written & directed by Nani's sister

Written & directed by Nani's sister

Natural hero Nani made an intriguing announcement on his Twitter and Instagram about a short film, which is being relesaed today, on the eve of Fathers day. The poster has been uploaded by the actor himself and it looks adorable with a cute little girl holding a book. The short film has been titled, Anaganaga Oka Nanna.

Nani captioned the post as - "This super sweet short film will be out at 6 pm tomorrow. Deepthi Ganta antey my sister kadha? Written and directed enti ? Ee twist ento chudham :) Stay tuned". His sister Deepthi has donned director’s hat and also written the story for this prestigious project. Also, she has been staying in the US and recently came to India as part of her vacation.

The film, Anaganaga Oka Nanna, has been made in a way that celebrates father-daughter bonding, generating curiosity on the actual and deeper storyline. Let' wait till 6 pm to know if this short film falls under comedy or emotional or purely kid-friendly genre. All the fans are eagerly waiting for the short film ever since Nani updated his social media with the exciting news.

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