Producer Walks Out Of RX100 Hero's Next Film?

Producer Walks Out Of RX100 Hero's Next Film?

One successful film makes you a star but one flop show will also take a toll, as it brings down the budgets of the next. The same thing is happening with RX100 fame hero Karthikeya Reddy who has felt that the fame he got will make Hippi a blockbuster.

Now withstanding any promotion they have done, Hippi has bitten the dust at the box office as the film got nothing but skin show of hero and predictable narration from the director. And then, as Karthikeya is shooting for his next titled 90ML, the poor show of Hippi has affected this project they say.

Reports have that producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy of Jaya Janaki Nayaki fame has thought that he's investing way much bigger investment than needed for 90ML and he walked out of the movie. It is heard that Karthikeya himself has too over this project now and his brother looking after the production.

Well, couple of more hits will consolidate this hero's place and till then these hiccups are likely to come.

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