Opinion: Admitting Failure Will Not Be Enough

Opinion: Admitting Failure Will Not Be Enough

In recent times, many heroes and directors got habituated to this habit of admitting to the failure of their film via social media. From Ram Charan after the release of Vinaya Vidheya Rama to Allu Sirish after ABCD release, from Teja after Sita release to Karthikeya now, as he spoke about Hippi, everyone is busy admitting that their last outing is a flop.

But these heroes who promise that they will come up with better films to entertain the audiences often end up repeating the same mediocre content, rather than reinvent themselves or focusing on pulling out creative content. So, merely saying that 'they are honestly admitting a failure' is not enough. More than admitting, they have to learn from it.

Not to name any, but after Brahmotsavam failed, Mahesh tried to figure out what really went wrong but still, Spyder didn't do. And then he took time to carve out Maharshi, which gave him relief. Now he's planning a perfect masala entertainer with Sarileru Neekevvaru. Maybe such planning is needed for heroes who are busy admitting that their last film didn't work.

However, our heroes have another quality too, as they admit about the failure of their previous film only when they are promoting their next one. That's like they want some sympathy or so.

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