Manmadhudu 2: No Legal Issues At All

Manmadhudu 2: No Legal Issues At All

Other day the news has come out that Nagarjuna's upcoming Manmadhudu 2 is a freemake of 2006 French film "Prete-moi ta main". Reading the storyline of this film on Wikipedia, many felt that its indeed true as the teaser of Nag's film is almost similar to it. But then cinema lovers are worried.

In recent times, when films are stolen without buying rights, we have seen how the copyright owners have taken a legal course to make the producers pay. For free-making 'Jabardasth' without buying rights of 'Band Baja Bharat', producer Bellamkonda paid a hefty amount as a fine later for the mistake done by director Nandini Reddy. And similarly, Trivikram's producers have reached for an out-of-court settlement after the director copied 'Largo Winch' in the name of 'Agnyaathavasi'.

Going by all this, if director Rahul Ravindram lifted "Prête-moi ta main" as is, then legal troubles are going to be in the near sight. However, we are hearing that Annapurna Studios has secured the rights of that French film for an optimal price and there is no need to worry about copyright infringement cases. Looks like Manmadhudu 2 is an official remake then.

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