Fans Rushing For Selfies With Bunny's Caravan

Fans Rushing For Selfies With Bunny's Caravan

From the last two days, ever since the shooting of director Trivikram's upcoming film got resumed, there are these unexpected visitors on the sets. As the shooting of #AA19 featuring Allu Arjun, Pooja Hegde and Tabu in the leads has started its second schedule, a guest on the sets of this film is creating more attention.

That guest is none other than Bunny's new caravan, a bus equipped with all sorts of luxury including reclining seats, sofa, TV, air conditioner, fridge and what not. While Mahesh Babu has spent 2 crores to get this kind of bus, now this mega hero is said to have spent more than that to get one such. But what makes this bus sexy is the AA logo stickered on that.

Stunned by this AA bus, many fans are actually rushing to the shooting spot to get selfies clicked with this bus. Also if they wait at this caravan, they may also get to see their favourite star.

But the moot question is- if Bunny is going to publicize his bus by stickering it with AA, isn't that compromising his privacy?

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