Director Walks Out Of Deverakonda's Film?

Director Walks Out Of Deverakonda's Film?

Happening hero Vijay Deverakonda has the reputation of taking care of promotions and marketing of his movies. As all of them worked big time, Vijay Deverakonda is now intervening in director's job. This trend actually started after the blockbuster result of 'Geetha Govindam.' He is taking extreme care about his upcoming movie which is 'Dear Comrade' and we hear that he is the deciding factor of which scene to be removed and included.

Considering Vijay Deverakonda's previous judgment, producers are even supporting the hero. 'Dear Comrade' director Bharat Kamma is said to be vexed of VIjay's involvement and so he is staying away from post-production activities. Not bothered about director's upset, VIjay is continuing his work for the film. The only thing Vijay is doing here is, updating the directors about the progress of post-production works instead of fighting with him. Vijay is sending every day updates to Bharat Kamma on WhatsApp even though the latter is not replying. This has become a huge discussion in Filmnagar circles.

Well for young directors working with Vijay Deverakonda, will also make them end up getting fame. But now they have their inhibitions that Vijay will not let them do their work.

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