Samantha Is Not Interested In Bollywood

Samantha Is Not Interested In Bollywood

Samantha Akkineni can count herself to be lucky for having innate talent, good looks, compassionate heart, and a zeal to follow her passionate dreams. After standing tall in Tollywood, this chic and polished beauty plunged into Kollywood and earned equal accolades. But, when asked about her future plans to enter the big world of cinemas, Bollywood, the actress replied with a big no. In one of her latest interactions with media, Samantha was asked if she has any plans to make a debut in Bollywood. She immediately replied, "Never!".

While many heroines are looking forward to entering the glitzy and glamorous world of Bollywood, Samantha chooses a different path and shows no interest. Samantha reiterated that she is from Chennai and is a complete South-natured girl. She also said that she is yet to comprehend her own culture and people and what South audience like to watch in movies. Her main focus is on figuring out what her people want from a film and what they expect from a character that she plays.

Talking about Bollywood, the actress said that she has no knowledge or idea about North audience or their preferences. "I will just drown and be a complete alien," she said. "I still feel like I have more to give them, down South," she added.

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