In Talk: #MeToo Agreement Of Mallesham Director

In Talk: #MeToo Agreement Of Mallesham Director

In any big actor or directors gets accused in sexual harassment acts, shooting of that film is getting stalled as the makers are expressing their solidarity with #MeToo movement.

But a big production house can stop remove a film's director (like how Akshay sent out Farah Khan's brother Sajid from Housefull 4) and go with a new one. But what about small-time filmmakers? Sensing a similar doubt, the director of today's release Mallesham is said to have come up with an interesting agreement to be signed by his actors and key technicians. The agreement says that if a guy is found to be harassing a girl, then he will be removed from the film without any intimation.

And if the film shoot gets stopped due to that incident, then the guy responsible for it has to bear the total expenses that incurred till date. Director Raj himself is said to have signed the agreement first before making every other person sign it. Currently, this revelation is going viral in the film industry, while Tollywood still hasn't seen such #MeToo incidents here.

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