Comedian Prudhvi Eyeing That Post?

Comedian Prudhvi Eyeing That Post?

Comedian Prudhvi, who strongly vouched for YCP and rallied for Jagan in 2019 polls, is now  reportedly eyeing a nominated post in Jagan's government. Talk in industry circles is that Prudhvi wants to be the Chairman of AP Cultural Association, the key post which had late Dharmavarapu Subramanyam when late YS Rajasekhar Reddy was the CM of AP.

Reportedly, Prudhvi has taken Dharmavarapu as his inspiration and has been trying to fill the void that was created due to his demise in YCP. But one has to wait and see, whether Jagan considers Prudhvi and felicitate him such an honourable post.

On the other hands, Prudhvi has been vocal about industry big wigs and alleging that the they couldn't "digest " Jagan reddy's victory in AP. These comments of Prudhvi have been making him a news-maker and thus constantly get highlighted in front of CM Jagan.

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